Planning your wedding can be overwhelming

Over the past few decades, with the amount of information available to brides through magazines and blogs, as well as the widespread adoption of Pinterest and Instagram as valuable planning tools, it has become increasingly difficult to sift through the clutter and decide what is right for you. Sometimes the true purpose of a wedding, the lifelong commitment of two people to each other and to their families, can be obscured and forgotten.

Your wedding should be beautiful, but above all it should be meaningful to you and your future spouse. Before you even begin to plan your wedding, take the time to sit down with your fiancé and talk about what your wedding means to you. Not only will it help you focus on what is important, but you’ll often find it makes the process fun and rewarding.

Here are some key points to remember while reading this guide and putting together your event:

Focus — There are many ways to host a wedding, and every wedding is different. Determine what aspects of your nuptials are most important to you and make sure your budget is allotted to your priorities.

Be Consistent — As your wedding ideas are coming together throughout the year, trends may come and go and you may discover new ideas. Be consistent with the design you have started with and resist the temptation to mix two different styles or to overly embellish.

Delegate — Choose creative, professional and trustworthy vendors. They can give you valuable advice and use their wealth of experience to troubleshoot any last minute issues that may arise on your wedding day. Ask them for referrals to build your dream team.

Stay True to Yourself — The best way to ensure that you have a meaningful wedding is to stay true to who you and your fiancé are.

Keep in mind that the weddings featured in this guide are limited to ones I have personally photographed. While my clients have been unique in their own way, my aesthetic is still carried throughout. Choose a design that reflects your values and let that guide your decisions through the process.

White Filming Schedule

Bridal details

“Art is all in the details”. Αll the details like the wedding dress the invitations and the shoes will find their place to be filmed. Beautiful flatlays & macro shots will show how distinctive your wedding is.

Bride Preparation

” It’s all about the bride !” When MUA has created our canvas, we can start. Our most experienced filmaker, Peri, is there to help you create beautiful boudoir images. Our experience in directing commercials and fashion shows gives us the confidence of the result every time. The light will direct our movements to create beautiful portraits with Rembrandt light. Makeup and hair should be completed at least 1 hour before the ceremony for the best possible result from us. We need the bride’s friends and bridesmaids ready for the final image.


What would this day be without the smiles, tears & applause of our beloved guests ? Our third cinematographer is there to steal all these spontaneous moments with his telephoto lens. From a distance, discreetly. Αll these spontaneous moments happen once and we have the way to capture them. .


Groom Details

The elegance and immediacy of Jenny’s frame, will create beautiful images with all the details of the groom.

Groom Preparation

The Rembrandt light reappears. The beauty of this lighting lies in its simplicity and timelessness. The Rembrandt triangle will create the shadow that flatters each face.

Family Portraits

“Say cheese !” Your parents and siblings are also the protagonists there in your day. We start with portraits in the bridal bed with hard light. Nikos is there to help set up lighting outside the windows to have this beautiful and unique result. Then, when everyone is ready, an outdoor space seems ideal for a beautiful family portait picture.


Orthodox or Catholic, outdoors or indoors we have dealt with all possible scenarios in a ceremony. Aputure cinematic lights can enhance the existing light and create beautiful wide shots. The sound from the ceremony comes from 2 lavalier microphones with wireless transmition and lets you feel the grandeur. We own the most lightweight transmition system of the market, weighs only 31g (1.05oz).

Wedding Party

Are you ready ? Do you like the light that is backlight couples first dance ? Do you like that flare ? Nothing is in his luck. Now with Aputure Cinema Lights we can achieve this result in every place as well as freeze any movement in the dark with our new Sony cameras. 4K 120 fps is the new standard !!!

Drone Shots

Drone shots and time lapses have flooded the Internet. Nikos is there to have all the action from above constantly. The birds eye view is what will highlight the location. Our drone records 6K 10bit footage.

Establishing Shots

An establishing shot in filmmaking establishes, the context for a scene by showing the relationship between its important figures and objects. What would be a wedding video in Spetses without the bougainvillea and the sound of the paving from the horseshoes. How would it be a video without the gimbal shots with wide lens where it puts you, Where ? The collection of natural sounds and landscape shots is usually done in the morning before the Next day Shooting.

Wedding Planning Details

If your wedding has so many details that only a Wedding Planner can accomplish, then someone should be there when everything is ready. During the ceremony, the third cinematographer goes ahead and goes to capture all these details. When all the candles are lit, the tables are empty and your flowers are placed fresh.

Next Day Shooting

How could storrytelling be missing from your own story ? With a white dress, wedding dress or swimsuit we are ready to create your own story. Our goal is to guide you in a game with your partner that will create spontaneous reactions. Small scenarios give the advantage to take unique shots with your partner in life.